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Bela Lugosi III
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This film is really cool, due to the fact that Claude Rains did an AWESOME performance!!! The intensity of his performance should be studied by actors EVERYWHERE!!! The man didn't reveal his face until the very end and yet that made him even more brilliant and evil!

The Invisible Man:10/10!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Living Dead
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I agree with all of the posts envolving a remake of this film. I don't think a comedy horror director should direct it. I think the reason I love the original invisible man film was that it was more camp than comedy. I think if the remake was written witty and exicuted straight, the humor would come out of the performances and also they would have to get someone with a unique booming voice. That would probably be the only way this film would work or at least that's my opinion.

I have always felt the Universal Monsters were some of the best exicuted films of all time. I don't think we will ever see anything ever come close. There have been some great adaptions of the same sorce material as well as some bad ones.
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Dobe Dobe
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This is easily my favorite old-ass movie of all time. I had so much fun watching, and was pleasantly surprised by how humorous it was.

I was about to go into what I was expecting when I watched it, but I really wasn't expecting much. I'd seen Dracula and The Wolf Man before it, so I was just expecting something like that, I guess. I got way more.
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Of all the universal monsters this is my favorite. James Whales direction mixed with Claude Rains acting mixed with some of the best special fx ever put to screen it couldnt get better then this.
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I agree with above posters, this movie is excellent. It is campy sometimes (featuring great character actors of the time) but it's the macabre humour that really stands out. The dialogue is so awesome and the delivery is perfect, I cannot imagine any modern actor delivering the same lines with such gusto:

The Invisible Man: Power, I said! Power to walk into the gold vaults of the nations, into the secrets of kings, into the Holy of Holies; power to make multitudes run squealing in terror at the touch of my little invisible finger. Even the moon's frightened of me, frightened to death!

The special effects are amazing too, when he first reveals himself is classic.

God this movie is great, like others have said it's my favourite Universal classic monster movie.
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Deadly Scorpion
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The best classic horror movie i have ever seen! i can say
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i still need to buy/watch this!! was hoping the legacy collection on amazon would go down to 19, i think its still 23, or something last i checked.
or i could try Ebay.

the legacy collections i have so far: dracula, frankenstein, wolfman, mummy
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I watched this movie for the first time a few days ago. It has some really good special effects for back in those days. I was trying to figure out for the longest time why the Invisible Man's voice sounded so familiar...then I realized that I recognized his voice from Casablanca. And by realized, I mean I looked it up and went "oh yeah..."
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This film scared my kid cousin, my aunt came to visit me and I had this in the dvd player at the time lol!
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I hate myself for not giving this movie a chance sooner. Claude Rains is outstanding.

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