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Originally Posted by Klown View Post
That's all well and good, but you're willing to overlook the holes. Whereas some of us are not. I like the film. On the technical side, it's top-notch. It's the story that starts to crumble. I don't want to re-list everything that has been mentioned, but the list of holes is quite extensive. Sure you can nitpick any film, but they shouldn't bug you after the film is long over.
I'm not willing to overlook the holes...however, I am willing to look past the small things like, "how did Bruce get back to Gotham from the prison?", because there's a simple answer; he's Batman.

Sometimes I think some people nit-pick like that because they WANT to find mistakes. But after awhile those mistakes don't matter anymore. It happened like that with TDK; people have learned to look past the plot-holes and enjoy the movie for what it is. I don't dwell on the little things, that would ruin every movie for me. If I wanted something more real I wouldn't be watching science fiction. haha

Originally Posted by bloodydollface View Post
but die-hard fans and strong followers of the series, want and deserve closure on some things. Yes, it was a fantastic film, but it still left much to be desired by fans of the series.
It's apparent you're not looking for closure from the whole series but from the movies individually. I'm as big a Batman fan you'll find, but I still don't destroy the movie by noticing the little problems that weren't answered. The trilogy as a whole is quite perfect, but if you're looking at the movies individually you'll find the same unanswered questions in ALL of them.
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