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Whateverland The title says it all.... whatever. If it doesn't fit anywhere else post it here.

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Hannibal Rex
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Whatever it is, I hope it's a good one.
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The Living Dead
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Happy Birthday!
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Zinc Saucier
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Cult Draft!
1. Meet The Applegates
2. Big Top Pee-Wee
3. Fortress
4. Mask
5. Blankman
6. Purple Rain
7. Masters Of The Universe
8. Twilight Zone The Movie
9. Bio-Dome
10. The Tao Of Steve
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Mr. Bill
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Happy Birthday


Billy The Kid's Cult Draft List 2015:

1. Ninja III: The Domination (1984)
2. Enter the Ninja (1981)
3. Revenge of the Ninja (1983)
4. Miami Connection (1987)
5. Pray for Death (1985)
6. White Phantom (1987)
7. Ninja Scroll (1993)
8. The Octagon (1980)
9. American Ninja (1985)
10. The Hunted (1995)

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The Necromancer
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Originally Posted by CountOrlok View Post
You bastards never made me a birthday thread, even though I've been posting here for over 3 years. Yeah, I know, go cry some more Orlok you pathetic troll.
"I want this place to go nuts, north, south, east, west, left, right! Activate this dance floor!!"
Scott Vogel from Terror

Originally Posted by Voodoo Doll
I would jizz on you if I were a man. I would jizz on everything if I had a penis for one day. Oh man I bet that feels so good. You guys are so lucky.
Originally Posted by Devonia
I like to skip dessert and get right down to relaxing after a meal with a hot bath and a facial.
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The Living Dead
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
Cinema Junkyard
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Rotting Corpse
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Hey, Bee zahr Aye... I missed the boat. You're the most down-to-Earth, open-minded blokes I've come across in these lands of insanity. Genuinely, I hope your birthday was whatever you want them to be. Cheers. This week is a mix of you and Skitz' recs as for my cineslabbin' fixes. : )
There is no such thing as DEATH; it's just a trrransformation.
No hay fin para ti. No hay fin para mi.


Originally Posted by zombaddict View Post
My old place in toronto had a bidet...I liked using it, cleaned the shit outta there + it felt good. Ever masturbate with a stream of water on your asshole? Feels great, try it sometime.
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The Living Dead
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Thanks a lot everyone - completely missed this thread

My first ever BD birthday thread! (thanks Iggy).
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