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Franchise Horror Come here to talk about all the big names in horror with 3+ films in the series. Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, etc...

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Never cared much for this series. The 1st one was ok though.
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I love the hell out of the first Wishmaster movie. The sequel's pretty good two, though three and four are pretty painful.

In fact, I loved the movie so much I made a whole video dedicated to it:

Blood Splattered Cinema: Wishmaster

I seriously think Wishmaster deserves more love! =)
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I recently re-watched the 1st one and forgot how much fun it was. The cg effects however were really bad. I wish movies would stop using CG because I find it dates your movie much faster than practical effects.
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The first and part 2 are awesome imo. Couldn't even finish 3 and never bothered with 4.

Once Andrew Divoff stopped portraying The Djinn, the franchise ended in my book.

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I watched the second today and I must say it was pretty bad I haven't seen the sequel in years but all in all for a sequel to a lower tier franchise it was ok.

I have seen the third and fourth all though not recently I may go re-visit them.
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I seen all four early this year

First 2 are still best of 4, 3/4 = as bad as each other
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