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Originally Posted by Dobe Dobe View Post
I rented it today.

Not expecting much, since Dimension Extreme is notorious for releasing shit.
That's pretty funny for someone with an Uwe Boll signature.

I kid, I kid. Boll rules.

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Watched this a couple months back as 13 Beloved...it's pretty good, has some dark humor, and the end is a nice little twist. The reveal on the people behind the game though was a bit of a disappointment, and it wasn't really explained very well. Overall, it wasn't great, but definitely worth a watch. Better than much of Dimension Extreme's output.
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Default 13: Game of Death

How is this? I've been pretty impressed from Dimension Extreme flicks.. I was thinkin of buyin it for $14, or renting..
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Criminal Damage
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I totally think it merits a buy. I really enjoyed this. It could have been more brutal and it shied away from becoming totally fucked, but it was fun throughout. The end was a little telegraphed and was a little wanting, but the first hour and twenty minutes more than makes up for it.
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I enjoyed this one a lot more than I was expecting. Funny, gross and keeps you very entertained and focused throughout. Worth a watch!
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Default i forgot

i forgot about this movie in my best forign horror movie post since i dont own it yet im sure i can fit it in that list somewhere
REally really good movie
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Very entertaining movie. The bus fight and the old man in the well with the family in the next room are my favorite parts. The old man at the bus stop was hilarious also.
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The Game of Death was the film Bruce Lee had planned to be the demonstration piece of his martial art Jeet Kune Do. The original plot involved Lee playing the role of Hai Tien, a retired champion martial artist who was confronted by the Korean underworld gangs. They tell him the story of a pagoda where guns are prohibited, and under heavy guard by highly skilled martial artists who are protecting something (which is not identified at all in any surviving material) held on its top level. The gang boss wants Hai to be a part of a group whose purpose is to retrieve said item. They would be the second group to try to do so as the first attempt with a previous group had failed. When Hai refuses, his younger sister and brother are kidnapped, forcing him to participate. Hai, as well as four other martial artists (two of which were played by James Tien and Chieh Yuan), then fight their way up a five-level pagoda, encountering a different challenge on each floor. The setting of the pagoda was at Beopjusa temple in Songnisan National Park in South Korea.
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Good movie. With certain intrigue, it makes the viewer interested in the plot. To discover what will be those tests and especially to see who or what is behind all this.

The problem is that as you go through the movie, the implausibility of the argument is growing exponentially and at times can be somewhat absurd. But, it is entertaining in its entire length.
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Rotting Corpse
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I was really impressed by it! I thought it was funny, thrilling and gripping with a wonderfully tragic ending. Recommend!

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