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Default 2012 Horror Draft: Discussion Thread - Mr. Bungle wins!

It's that time again .. it's time for the annual B-D Horror Draft! I will be hosting this year, along with Klown!

Signups are now open until September 24/ 2012... Please PM BOTH Klown and Dead Breed of your desire to play .. if you do not PM BOTH of us .. then you're not in the game.

Here are the conditions for playing

-Must be an active member for 6+ months
-Must have 500+ posts
-You are not a cheater or a douchebag
-Didn't disrupt a previous draft .. by trolling/stopping voting half way through after you were eliminated.

If you don't meet the criteria, but would like to play, post in the discussion thread. We'll keep those in mind if we need more players.

We'll try to accommodate as many members as possible, but we'd like to keep it at around 36 members.

Cheaters will be banned immediately. The game is for fun, don't take it too seriously.

How to Draft

Members will be put in random order, 1-36. They will each pick a single horror movie. They have 15 hours after the previous member has picked to make their pick. If member's 15 hours are up, the next user will be able to pick. If you miss 2 picks you are automatically out the game and your picks are dead. Make up picks are at the very end of drafting and in the order they were missed. The drafting order is as follows - 1 to 36, 36 to 1, 1 to 36 and so on, for 10 rounds. The members at the opposite ends of the round make two picks in a row.

How to Vote

Everyone (draft participant or not) is encouraged to vote. Members will be randomly paired up. Other members will vote on which list they like better using whatever method they would like. Try and keep your voting methods consistent. As matches progress, just copy and paste your votes from previous matches.Try to vote in as many matches as possible! There were some who like to draft, but fade when voting starts.

Remember - It's all about fun and film discussion. Pick what you want and don't worry too much about what others think.

Any questions or comments, please post them here and we will try to answer them ASAP.

Ps ... I will be mailing the winner a horror related prize
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