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Originally Posted by Visitor Q View Post
Although I've been discussing these types of films for years now, I always feel like a weirdo saying I'm excited for this type of shit. I'm sure in a few minutes there will be someone who enters the thread and calls me sick and fucked in the head. Oh well, I'm used to it.
You obviously like confronting cinema, which is fine.

I like full on movies as well but this kind of subject matter is a turn off for me.

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indecent actions
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Dude, you're fucked in the head!

I would probably watch it if given to me.

Is he going to lose both bones?
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I'll probably watch it. The same way I watched The Woodsman and Dahmer. With hope that I might get some insight as to why some people choose to do these things. At least, that's why I think I watch it.
Originally Posted by Machine Gun Zombie View Post
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Visitor Q
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I finally had a chance to check this movie out today. It is your typical arthouse fair, slow and mundane, but very effective. The director (much like his peers, think Haneke) delivers a simple film with minimal dialogue. This "less is more" approach ends up being a very deep and repulsive look into the mind of a pedaphile. The movie never becomes exploitive, which in a way almost makes it more powerful (at one point I paused the film in disgust just to call my 10 year son and warn him about the dangers of strangers). The ending was a bit of a disappointment, but overall I enjoyed it. Michael got under my skin in a bad (but good) way and delivered just what I wanted from a film like this.
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