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Books, Magazines, Literature, etc.. Some of us really do know how to read!

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Robert W
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H.P. Lovecraft and Rex Miller.
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Last Dinner on the Titanic

I am both a Titanic enthusiast, and a foodie. So this book is on the shelf, but never for long


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Jack the Pin
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I've read most of Faulkern's novels at least twice.

I think I've read Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men three times.

Donna Tartt's The Little Friend four times.

Read Gravity's Rainbow four times but have never completed it, though I get one hundred or so pages further each time.
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Rotting Corpse
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I just recently re read Jack Ketchums Off Season and Poppy Z. Brite's Exquisite Corpse. I'm sure I'll revisit Ketchums savage Maine coast,but that will probley be the last time Icheck up with Brite's serial killers.
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Im currently reading "Immortal" by Traci L Slatton a second time

Read "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers twice already. Once in softback and once on my kindle.

Her books are amazing to read... her "Mark of the Lion" books are tremendous .. I could read them again and not get old of it...

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Fresh Kill
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Read most Philip K. Dick, Stephen King and Arthur C Clarke novels several times and I've read 1984 about 20 times.
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Fresh Kill
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I've been rereading Clive Barker's Books of Blood all the time Always tend to spot something I didn't notice or think about something else in a different way.
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A Clockwork Orange. Gets better with each read.
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l've read the six Dune books by Frank Herbert twice and plan on starting again pretty soon, whenever l get done with Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series.
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Hatchet - I used to read this one several times a year.
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