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Originally Posted by Warduke View Post
I got mine at bigbadtoystore.com for 264.99 + 45 shipping to Canada so it'd probably be cheaper in the states.
That's probably the best price I've seen yet for Sideshow's 'Part 3' Premie...

Originally Posted by Warduke View Post
I'm still partial to Jason in part 6, CJ Graham was the man, and I agree with the eyes, when you can't see them it makes it so much better.
Yea, I'm partial to CJ Graham as well, he was certainly the best Jason post 'Final Chapter'...Ted White and Richard Brooker were both excellent as so-called "human-Jason"; with White getting the slight edge for his nearly animalistic raging predatorial fury...but Brooker having an astoundingly almost "casual" quality to his movements, made his portrayl truly unique as well.

As a kid back in the late '80's, CJ always was my personal favorite of all the Jasons. Though I certainly appreciate the assorted so-called "nuances" Hodder first brought to the part back in 1988; to me he had nothing whatsoever on CJ. Graham was a remarkably skilled former marine...though he wasn't formerly trained as a stuntman or actor within the movie industry, his militery experience and natural actorly instincts arguably gave his Terminator-esque "Zombie Jason" a certain charm that has never quite been equaled by any who followed thereafter.

Speaking of CJ in Part VI and custom Jason figures, I figured out how to make a custom 1:6 scale 'Jason Lives' figure that would rival the one put out by Sideshow...using the polystone head and mask from the Comicon Exclusive Edition of Gentle Giant's 1:6 'Jason Lives' bust:

Hopefully my custom will not only outshine Sideshow's commercial version, but be at least half as good as this excellent custom rendition by Elvis1976 over on the boards at sideshowcollectors.com:

Originally Posted by Warduke View Post
I was going to convert my Michael Myers 18" Neca body w the Neca FvsJ head and mask into a Part 5 Roy figure eventually when I have time.
Have you seen the custom 18-inch "Roy" by Spaz (aka Brandon Parmley) from the old defunct Friday boards? Spaz has done some great Voorhees-related custom figure work...He even pioneered some of the very first 12-inch Jasons to be made publically available, offering a (then) complete line of the various film incarnations thru his own Forest Green Collectibles, long before Sideshow attempted their first Jason back in 2003...Anyways, this 18-inch Roy seems to be exactly what you are striving for, definitely uutilizing a Neca Quarter-Scale Myers, though the head and possibly the mask appear to be purely custom fabrications:



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