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Originally Posted by Lord of Terror View Post
DC doesn't mean jack shit though. It's not even proof it was delivered. It's basically a waste of $. Insurance is really the only way to almost guarantee your package gets to you. But you can't track a package w/out DC. The PO will give you a stack of DC stickers if you ask. So you could just give out a # & never mail shit. DC is better than nothing, but shit only gets lost in the mail once in a while. 9/10 times when someone says they didn't get their end of the trade, they're full of shit.
but even if you bought a bunch'a confirmation slips from the post office, it's not like they would show up when you tried to track & confirm them on the website, right? even if the person claims the package was never received, you can at least confirm that it was sent to the post office in their area. which does at least confirm that one party kept their end of the bargain.
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Lord of Terror
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you don't have to buy them. I have a stack of 50+ I got for free. You only pay when you ship then they charge you for the dc. I could give you 10 dif dc#'s right now. paypal will even side with you in a dispute if the seller's only proof of shipment is DC#. think about it, how many packages have you gotten with dc? how many of those did you sign for? I never ever have to sign for any. which means it's the person delivering your mail that "confirms" delivery. they're not gonna say the package got lost, it's never their fault. my mother has worked at the PO for over 25yrs. I know my shit lol.
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Trading is a ton of fun. It always gets sketchy though cuz you never know. Learning experience however its a fuckin piss off.
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it was really a good thing
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great post, very helpful. thanks!
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I would like to trade my John Carpenter Halloween DVD but I have zero experience in shipping stuff.

Thanks to Beyond and Disturbed_Dan for the fantastic graphics!
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