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Default Ultimate Scream Thread

With Scream 4 (and a possible whole new trilogy) just around the corner, I figured why not give the Scream franchise one of those "Ultimate" threads you kids love so much. Here goes...


Nightmare's review:
The one that started it all. The movie that single handedly revived the genre in the 90's. I just can't say enough great things about this picture. The film's opening is genius and I'm sure it shocked audiences upon it's original release when a big star like Drew Barrymore is killed in the first few minutes. That happening really set the tone for the movie, anything can happen, and anyone can die. This movie is like a love letter to horror fans with references to many horror classics and some witty and funny dialouge about said films. The cast is fantastic. The killers Stu and Billy (Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich) definitely steal the show. Neve Campbell as the lead is great, David Arquette as the dimwitted cop is entertaining, Jamie Kennedy as Randy is probably my favorite character (who isn't a killer) in a slasher film ever, and Courteney Cox makes a convincing cold hearted bitch news reporter. My only gripe acting wise is Rose McGowan (who I am actually a fan of), but she wasn't TOO bad. Very smart movie with twists and turns throughout that will keep first time viewers guessing until the very end. I'd give this one a perfect 10/10.


Nightmare's review:
I know I'm in the minority here, but this is by far my least favorite in the series. The first scene shows a couple going to see a movie made about the events in the first Scream titled Stab. The audience in the theater are acting like total jackasses and not watching the movie at all. Instead they are yelling, running around, and pretending to kill eachother. Had I been there trying to watch a movie I would've been super pissed. This start scene doesn't even come close to the originals. When the female of the couple gets killed the way she is acting moments before death is just too over the top and laughable. All the survivors of the first come back to reprise their roles and all do great jobs, namely Jamie Kennedy and David Arquette who both have some hilarious lines which is really the high point of the film to me. Cotton Weary also returns which surprised me, since he wasn't really in the original besides clips on the news on TV, but I'm glad they expanded on his character. Sadly, my favorite character died. Finally a character in a slasher I care about and they have to die!?! Dammit! The killers here are pretty lame. We get Billy's mother (played by Roseanne's sister) and a film student named Mickey who really has no motivation at all other than to have a great trial.... yeah.... Stu's reason for peer pressure made more sense. We do get a nice tense scene with Ghostface knocked out in a car and two characters trapped in the car have to climb over him. There's also some cameos from Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rebecca Gayheart, and Joshua Jackson who I wish would've been in the film more and hilarious bit parts with Luke Wilson and Tori Spelling. Not a bad flick, but not very good either. I'd give it a 6/10.



Nightmare's review:
This one gets a lot of hate, and I don't get that. I find this one more enjoyable than Scream 2 which as a whole, I see as a letdown. The movie takes place in Hollywood on the set of Stab 3 (what happened to Stab 2?). The change of setting makes it different, but being as the set is a duplicate of Woodsboro it's also fresh at the same time. The franchise vets come back and again all deliver great performances, even Randy makes a cameo via a tape he had recorded in advance. Even Jay and Silent Bob make a noteworthy appearance! The reveal of the killer this time around is really out of left field, but I went with it. Scream 3 isn't perfect, but I prefer it to Scream 2. I'd give it a 7/10.



Nightmares review:
So I thought I was going to LOVE the beginning scene here UNTIL...
Spoiler Below
it turns out that it was just part of the movie "Stab 6". This false start featured two Ghostfaces at the same time cleaning house, something I'd really like to see. Then we get yet another false start which was just a head scratcher until you realize it's part of "Stab 7". The actual first scene of Scream 4 is okay, but the fake "Stab 6" scene was way more awesome.
The new cast of characters aren't all that well developed this time around. I did like Kirby (Hayden Panettiere), Charlie (Rory Culkin), and Robbie (Erik Knudsen), but even they were underdeveloped. Another complaint is the Ghostface voice. I know it's the same voice actor, but it just doesn't sound the same, it doesn't sound as cool/creepy. I guess the guys voice just changed over the past decade. It almost seemed like someone doing a Ghostface impression. At times it sounded the same as before, but not very often. In the movie Ghostface claims "this isn't a comedy", but there sure is a lot of comedy throughout the film, I'd say more than in any of the other Screams. I was let down that
Spoiler Below
none of the original cast members were killed off. I remember everyone thinking Sidney would die in the first scene, which I think would have been brilliant. But sadly, none of the "big three" die. It's almost like they are scared to pull the trigger on it.
I'm a bit confused as to how this will start a new trilogy. I had heard this will introduce new characters who the new trilogy will revolve around but
Spoiler Below
all of the new characters died except for a female cop who was barely even in the movie.
I know this review sounds really negative, but I did have a good time watching the flick. There are some good kills
Spoiler Below
and Ghostface is extra mean this time around. Although I bashed there being so much comedy, some of it made me laugh, there was just a bit too much of it IMO. I'm iffy on the reveal of who is behind the murders, I'll have to let it digest some more. The killers in the original and Roland from 3 are far better though. The movie felt a tad long, and the finale just didn't do it for me. All in all a decent film, it just didn't meet my expectations which admittedly were probably set too high. It's worth a watch though, so go see it. 6.5/10

Discuss away Scream fans (and haters)!

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