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Death Bed
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Default Metal Gear Solid series Appreciation Thread

Is anyone here a fan of these games as well? I played the first one when it came out my junior year in high school, and had a blast with it! Uber-cool characters, amazing boss fights, anal attention to the smallest details, and a great story to cap it all off.

The second, was a bit of a let down, not as cool as the first, but still fun. I need to play it again sometime. I did enjoy it a lot though.

Part 3, I have just recently played and it has captured the magic of the first game. So many twist and turns in the plot, and it actually is a prequel that WORKS continuity wise. I'd love it if they made a MGS game where you got to play as a young Revolver Ocelot.

Here is looking forward to part 4!
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Slasher Icon911
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I can't really remember the first one, but I beat it, and can remember the cool characters and great story. The second one was my least favorite although I still loved it, I liked the way it played on Xbox. The Third is far and beyond my favorite, and is probably my favorite video game ever. Everything about it is amazing, although I can definetely see why its not for everyone, the odd camera angles, and the wierd boss characters. Oh well, MGS has a huge fanbase, and its either you love the games or you hate them. I loved everything about the third though.From the setting, to the characters. The story is one of the best in any video game. It truly feels like you're playing through a movie.

The cut scenes are perfect, the character motions are spot on, and the voice acting is incredible.The bosses are unique and are all very interesting, but the ending is what really made this my favorite. The whole relationship between The Boss, and Snake is told. Play through and you'll see what I mean.

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Death Bed
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Yeah that was good. I love the way the theme song plays over the ending "boss" fight. That theme song is hilarious too, since it paraodies James Bond flicks, with saying things that happen in the game like "today you might eat a tree frog" and random things like that.

One of the coolest things about the game is that you have to use your head to beat the bosses, and you are not limited to one set way of having to beat them. Like, The Fear, REALLY aggravated me the first time I played the game. He's invisible with the stealth camo on, and so you have to watch for noises and track him that way. HOWEVER, I figured out the second time, you can put on the thermal goggles and have no problems finding him. Beat him in like 3 minutes that way, using tranqualizers and bad food.

I also like how some of the story is only explained if you call in certain characters at certain times. Like Signit explains why the Cobras keep exploding all the time when you call him after beating The Fear. I like that. So much you can do in this game.

I also like how you can bomb the enemy store houses and they will run out of food, which causes their stamina to drop and they constantly complain they have nothing to eat
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Man, I love these games. I played the first one for PS when I was in fifth grade. It was the most incredible thing in the world to me. Part 2 as you guys have already stated was pretty bogus. However, when I finally got around to buying Snake Eater I was completely hooked in a way I had never been with a video game. I did nothing for 2/3 days but play that thing straight through. It's easily the most beautiful, engrossing video game I have ever played. It's so difficult and that gives it its charm. The final Boss fight was just astounding.
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I love these games!!
i would say that the first was actually my favortie for PS1, the re-release of it on Gamecube was really fun too, it was awsome seeing the scene where the Ninja kills all the guards in that hallway. I didn't really care for sons of liberty though. The third one was really good too. I'm really looking forward to the fourth
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