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Default Ultimate Friday the 13th Thread

Friday the 13th - May 9th, 1980
Directed by Sean S. Cunningham
A mysterious killer stalks the counselors of Camp Crystal Lake after failing to keep the camp closed.
Killer: Betsy Palmer as Pamela Voorhees
Body Count(9): Male Counselor stabbed in stomach. Female Counselor killed off-screen. Annie has throat slit. Ned has throat cut off-screen. Jack has arrow driven through his neck. Marcie axed in the face. Brenda dies off-screen. Mr. Christie stabbed in stomach. Bill shows up with a slit throat and arrows in body, pinned to a door. Mrs. Voorhees has head cut off with machete.
End to Madness: Alice decapitates Mrs. Voorhees.
Axed by the Censors: Annie's death originally had more blood come from her neck as she slid slowly out of frame. Jack's death originally had much more blood spurting out from where the arrow pierced his neck and a second angle. Marcie's death is slightly longer, you see a more violent face-hit and she slides slowly out of frame. Mrs. Voorhees' death has more blood spurting out from the stump as she falls out of frame.
Alternate Versions: There is an extended/uncut version that contains all the full deaths.

Friday the 13th Part 2 - May 1st, 1981
Directed by Steve Miner
With Mrs. Voorhees dead and Camp Crystal Lake closed, a new camp opens up nearby and suddenly the counselors are murdered on by one by a mytserious man.
Killer: Warrington Gillette as Jason Voorhees
Body Count(9): Alice stabbed in the temple with a screw-driver. Crazy Ralph is choked to death with barbed wire. Sheriff claw-hammered in the head. Scott has throat cut, while hanging upside down from tree. Terri is killed off-screen. Mark hacked in the face with machete. Jeff and Sandra impaled while having sex. Vicky stabbed in the stomach.
End to Madness: Ginny hacks Jason in the shoulder with machete.
Axed by the Censors: Flashback footage of Mrs. Voorhees' decapitation is shortened. Blood is missing from Alice's death. A close-up of Jeff and Sandra's death. A close-up of Ralph's death. A frontal shot of Mark being hit in the face with the machete. Missing blood from the cop's death. More blood from Scott's slit-throat. The scene at the end, when the camera focuses on Mrs. Voorhees' head originally had her eyes open...It was cut by Paramount for "looking too fake".
Alternate Versions: None known to be available.

Friday the 13th Part 3-D -August 13th, 1982
Directed by Steve Miner
A group of kids are stalked when on a farm get-a-way.
Killer: Richard Brooker as Jason Voorhees
Body Count(12): Harold is hit in the chest with a meat clever. Edna has a knitting needle pushed through the back of her head. Fox is found impaled with a pitch-fork. Loco is impaled with pitch-fork. Vera is shot in the eye with a harpoon gun. Andy is cut in half. Debbie is stabbed through the back. Shelly shows up with a slit-throat. Chuck is electrocuted. Chilli is stabbed with fire poker. Rick has head crushed until his eye pops out. Ali has hand cut off and then hacked to death.
End to Madness: Chris slams ax into Jason's forehead.
Axed by the Censors: Edna's death had more blood. Vera's death wa slonger, it had more blood and the impact...Was cut for looking "too real". Andy's death showed his right leg and stomach being cut apart. Debbie's death has blood-splatter. A different ending, in which Chris axes Jason, then goes out to lay in the canoe...She comes back to the cabin in the morning and when she opens the door, Jason is standing there...He grabs her by the hair and chops off her head.
Alternate Versions: A bootleg 3-D version, which contains no extra footage.

Friday the 13th The Final Chapter -April 13th, 1984
Directed by Joseph Zito
The Jarvis' are all alone by Crystal Lake, until a group of partying teens come to the nearby house and Jason wreaks havoc once again.
Killer: Ted White as Jason Voorhees
Body Count(14): Axel has throat cut with surgical saw, then head twisted 180 degrees. Nurse has stomach cut open with a scalpel. Hitchhiker stabbed through the neck with a knife. Samantha is run-through from under the raft with machete. Paul is harpooned in the crotch. Terri is impaled. Mrs. Jarvis missing, presumed dead. Jim is stabbed in the hand with a cork-screw and then hacked in the face. Tina is pulled through window and smashed onto a car. Ted stabbed in the back of the head with a knife. Doug has head squished in shower. Sarah has an ax thrown through a door and into her chest. Rob is beaten to death with a hammer.
End to Madness: Tommy hacks into the side of Jason's face, who then falls to the ground, sliding down the machete. He twitches and Tommy hacks into him with machete over and over.
Axed by the Censors: A few extra lines in the ambulance, at the beginning. The nurses death is longer. The scene where Trish and Tommy break down is longer, Tommy scares Trish with one of his masks. Tommy shows Rob a few more of his gags up in his room, Trish then comes in and asks if Rob would like to stay for dinner. Mrs. Jarvis comes into Trish's room and tells her to get a car part, then says she's going jogging before the storm. Doug and Sarah are getting ready for the party, in their room, and have a chat. Doug and Sarah are on the porch talking about not wanting to dance. Rob sets a motion sensor in the woods after finding his rifle broken. A scene where Trish finds her mother drowned in the bathtub.
Alternate Versions: A bootleg of an extended version that contains all the excised scenes, except when Tommy melts a toy soldier under a magnifying glass and when Trish finds her mother's body.

Friday the 13th Part V A New Beginning -March 22nd, 1985
Directed by Danny Steinmann
Tommy, who is haunted by apparitions of Jason, is sent to a mental facility, when someone starts killing the patients.
Killer: Dick Wieand as Roy
Body Count(22): Two males are killed in a dream sequence, Neil by machete in the stomach, Les by ice pick in the neck. Joey is hacked into pieces with an axe. Vinnie has road flare shoved down his throat. Pete has throat slit with a machete. Billy is axed in the head. Lana is axed in the chest. Vagrant stabbed in stomach. Tina stabbed in the eyes with garden shears. Eddie has head crushed with strap. Anita has her throat cut. Demon is impaled with pole, through leg and then chest. Junior has head cut off. Ethel is smashed int he face with cleaver. Jake has cleaver to the face. Robin is stabbed from beneath. Violet is stabbed in the stomach. Duke is found dead in ambulance. Matt has a railroad spike through his head. George shows up, thrown through a window, with his eyes gouged out. Roy is stabbed, then thrown onto tractor harrow. Pam is knifed in Tommy's dream.
End to Madness: Roy is killed by Tommy.
Axed by the Censors: Longer sex scene in the woods. Extra shot of Anita's dead body.
Alternate Versions: There is a bootleg known as "Version 2" which has several alternate scenes and dialog. There is no close-up of Jason pulling the machete out of Neil's stomach during the opening sequence. Duke's (the paramedic) line is altered when he sees Joey's body. In the original version he says "Bunch of pussies..." while in Version 2 he says "I'll be damned...". There is a different angle briefly used in Pete's death. The scene in which Ethel yells at Junior as he is eating his stew is re-edited to remove the profanity, and uses some different angles. When Demon is about to open the outhouse door, an alternate camera angle is used and some of the profanity he uses is cut from the scene. After Junior is decapitated there is an alternate angle of Ethel in the kitchen, and her dialog is slightly altered. A scene of Violet in her room which originally was part of a scene which occurred a few minutes later. When the scene happens a few minutes later, the footage that was previously used is not present. The scene of Robin going to bed is re-edited to exclude some of her nudity and some dialog. When Pam fights off Roy with the chainsaw, she hits him twice in shoulder. Only the second hit appears in the original version. When Roy dies, the camera stays on Pam, Tommy and Reggie instead of showing Roy falling on the spikes. Eddie's death was cut to avoid an "X" rating; originally blood and his cranial innards spurted out of the straps as Roy twisted them. When Lana the waitress is murdered with the ax, the shot of her body quivering was cut to avoid an "X" rating.

Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives -August 1st, 1986
Directed by Tom McLoughlin
Tommy and his friend, Hawes, go to Jason's grave to destroy his body and hopefully stop Tommy's hallucinations. But, when lightning strikes the pole Tommy runs through Jason's corpse, he is resurrected and makes his way through Camp Crystal Lake, which is now known and Camp Forest Green.
Killer: C.J. Graham as Jason Voorhees
Body Count(18 ): Hawes has heart punched out through his back. Darren is run-through with a pole and thrown away. Lizbeth is stabbed through the mouth with a pole. Burt has his arm ripped off and impaled on a tree branch. Stan, Katie, and Larry all have their heads chopped off in one motion. Caretaker has broken bottle shoved into his throat and then beaten with machete. Steven and Annette are both run-through when trying to escape Jason. Nikki has her face crushed into the side of the RV. Cort has a knife run through his temple. Roy shows up in pieces. Sissy has her ripped off. Paula is thrashed about the cabin. Officer Thornton has dart thrown through forehead. Officer Pappas has head crushed in Jason's hands. Sheriff Garris is bent backwards.
End to Madness: Tommy lures Jason into the lake and ties a rock to his neck. Megan chops into Jason's neck with a boat motor.
Axed by the Censors: Hawes' death was longer and gorier. The triple decapitation showed their heads hit the ground. Lizbeth's death had blood and Darren's death was gorier. The Caretaker's death had a close-up of blood coming out of the bottle in his neck. Sissy's death originally showed her head torn off and dropped to the ground. The shots of the blood-splattered cabin originally had more graphic shots of innards. The Sheriff's death was longer and crunchier.
Alternate Versions: A bootleg version containing the full Sheriff death. Unknown whether it has more extra footage.

Friday the 13th Part VII The New Blood -May 13th, 1988
Directed by John Carl Buechler
Tina is returning to her childhood home to try and find out why she has psychic powers. She accidentally raises Jason from his watery grave and he starts yet another rampage.
Killer: Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
Body Count(15): Jane has a tent spike rammed through the back of her head and pinned to a tree. Michael has tent spike thrown into his back. Dan is punched through the back and has neck snapped. Judy is bashed into a tree in her sleeping bag. Russell is smashed in the face with an ax. Sandra is pulled under the water to drown. Maddy is killed with a scythe. Ben has head crushed by Jason's hands. Kate has party horn rammed into her eye. David is stabbed and later seen to be decapitated. Eddie is killed with a machete. Robin is thrown through a window. Mrs. Shepard is run-through from behind. Dr. Dews has torso ripped up by a tree-trimming saw. Melissa has an ax rammed into her face, then thrown behind the TV.
End to Madness: Tina Blows up house with Jason in it.
Axed by the Censors: Many shots of Jason's face were trimmed because the prosthetics were "too grisly". Judy's death had more hits into the tree and blood. Maddy's death is shown. Ben's death is longer, his head is shown to be smashed into a much smaller size. Eddie's head is seen hitting the floor. You see the ax hit Russell's face and blood spurt out. Mrs. Shepard's death is longer, you see the weapon burst through her chest and her lifted into the air. Dr. Crews' death is bloodier. You see Melissa's face split in half by the ax and her eyes wiggle hanging out of the sockets. Michael's death and Tina's vision of it were both longer and gorier. An alternate ending with Jason popping out of the water to attack a fisherman was filmed, but cut because it resembled Part 3's ending too closely.
Alternate Versions: None known to be available.

Friday the 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan -July 28th, 1989
Directed by Rob Hedden
Jason is accidentally resurrected by an electrical line in the lake. He boards a cruise ship headed for New York.
Killer: Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
Body Count(19): Jim is stabbed with a spear gun. Susie is stabbed with a spear. J.J. is bashed in the head with her guitar. Boxer has hot rocks plunged into his chest. Tamara is thrown into mirror and then stabbed with a shard. Jim Carlson is harpooned in the back. Admiral Robertson has his throat slit with a machete. Eva is choked to death. Crew Member is accidentally shot by Wayne. Wayne is electrocuted. Miles is thrown onto a deck post. Deck Hand shows up axed in the back. Gang Member stabbed through the back with a syringe. Gang member has head bashed in on pipe. Julius has head punched off his shoulders. Cop killed off-screen. Collen dies in car explosion. Charles drowned in a barrel of sewage. Sanitation Worker bashed in the head with a wrench.
End to Madness: Jason is washed away by toxic fluids.
Axed by the Censors: Jim's death was longer, Jason shoved the spear gun further in then ripped it out along with Jim's guts. Susie's death was longer, with more twists of the spear and blood gurgling and spurting. J.J.'s death was originally shown instead of POV. Tamara's death was completely different...Originally Jason stabs her repeatedly and bloodily with a mirror shard in the shower. Later, Eva finds her naked corpse with shards of glass stuck in it. The unnamed Boxer's death was different...Originally Jason shoved two darts into his eyes...It was deemed too graphic, so they re-shot it with the rocks, and even that had to be trimmed for excessive blood. The Admiral's death was bloodier. Wayne's death was a few seconds longer. Miles is actually shown being impaled. Jason's hand originally went all the way through the first Gang Member's body, with the syringe.
Alternate Versions: None known to be available.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday -August 13th, 1993
Directed by Adam Marcus
Jason is killed, but inhabits other people's bodies. He searches for his sister and her daughter, so he can be reborn into his own body.
Killer: Kane Hodder as Jason/Jason possesses multiple people
Body Count(24): Coroner eats Jason's heart, becomes possessed. Coroner's Assistant is stabbed in the back of the head with probe and has face smashed on metal grate. Two FBI Agents killed off-screen. Alexis is slashed with razor. Deborah is stabbed through the back and ripped in half. Luke is killed off-screen. Edna has neck broken in car door. Josh, possessed by Jason, is shot in the head and impaled with a fire poker. David has head bashed against faucet. Diana stabbed in the back. Robert Campbell, possessed by Jason, is shot in the head, ran over, and impaled. Officer Ryan has his head smashed against a locker. Officers Mark and Brian have their heads bashed together. Ward falls, dead, through diner doors. Diner Patron crushed into counter. Diner Patron shot by stray bullet. Shelby is fried and burnt. Joey has face smashed in. Vicki is impaled on BBQ skewer and has head crushed. Randy, possessed by Jason, has never cut with machete. Creighton Duke is crushed.
End to Madness: Jason is stabbed in the heart and sent to hell.
Axed by the Censors: The sex scene is longer and more graphic. Much more gory violence; nearly all characters cough up blood as they are being killed, the shot of the tent pole being rammed through the girl, the shot of the chubby guy's hand being broken off, the shot of Robert(Jason) crushing the girl's head and blood spurting out (she then says "go to hell"), Coroner(Jason swings the scalpel more times at the girl outside the tent. The shot of the creature crawling up Diana's dress was also omitted from the R-rated version. After Jason leaves Josh's body, his jaw can be seen on the floor as it melts. This was cut for the "R" rated version. The "R" version also omits most of the heart-eating scene near the beginning.
Alternate Versions: The unrated version is available on official DVD. Also, an alternate bootleg version with different scenes like; Alternate dialog in the cell scene with Steven and Duke. After Steven escapes from the police station, there is a scene showing him hide outside the diner as Vickie enters it. More dialog in the scene where Ward finds Steven in the back of the diner adoring his baby. Before Jessica goes outside her house where Jason (in Robert's body) attacks her, she is shown inside the dark house looking around the living room, and jumping at the sudden lightning storm. The creature that Duke fights with has grown to become a full-sized demon before Duke throws it into the basement.

Jason X -April 26th, 2002
Directed by James Isaac
Jason is cryogenically frozen. Over 450 years later, he and his captor are found. He becomes unfrozen and goes on an in-space rampage.
Killer: Kane Hodder as Jason
Body Count(29): Private Johnson killed off-screen, shown dead later. Guard 1 is bashed in the head with a machine gun. Guard 2 is choked, thrown, and shot by Guard 3. Guard 3 has face smashed in by pole. Guard 4 is choked with a chain. Dr. Wimmer has a pole thrown through his back. Sergeant Marcus is thrown through door. Adrienne has her face frozen in liquid nitrogen and then smashed on counter. Stoney stabbed with machete. Azrael is cut in half by machete and Dallas is decapitated by machete in virtual reality game. Azrael has back broken. Dallas has head crushed against the wall. Sven has his neck slowly snapped. Condor is impaled on large drill. Geko has throat cut with machete. Briggs is thrown onto large hook. Kicker is cut in half with a machete. Fat Lou is hacked to death killed off-screen, later shows up. Professor Lowe is killed off-screen. Kinsa dies in shuttle crash. Crutch is electrocuted. Waylander has back broken by Jason, dies in explosion. Janessa is sucked through a metal grate into space. Two teenage girls are beaten to death in sleeping bags in a virtual reality simulation. Sergeant Brodski is impaled on spike, stabbed with machete, and then dies entering Earth 2's atmosphere.
End to Madness: Sergeant Brodski sends Jason into Earth 2's atmosphere.
Axed by the Censors: Dr. Wimmer's death was different. A small amount of Adrienne's smashed face is shown. Condor's death was longer, showing him go down the drill more.
Alternate Versions: None known to be available.

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