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Originally Posted by Doc View Post

Drags, what happens if multiple drafts are going on at once?
There won't be. Probably be a good idea to work out a set schedule sooner rather than later, allotting for draft lags. So far there appears to be only four drafts slotted, so there shouldn't be a problem working them all in.

The horror draft of course has priority, then all genre, artist ect. Those who've run them in the past have first dibs on running them again this year, so Tool Shed will be the man to speak to first regarding the horror/all genre.

If later down the line there are more drafts than there's time for within the year, the members can take a vote on which to pursue next (keeping in mind the Horror and All Genre are annual staples).

Hopefully everyone will feel this is fair, if not I suppose suggestions are always.... somewhat... welcomed. But not really.

Originally Posted by Due on Maple Street View Post
I'm still relatively new here. Educate me. What are these drafts of which you speak? Where do I find them?
I'll leave this for someone else to explain, but feel this would be a good time to recommend putting together a draft outline page. Essentially outlining what drafts are, procedure ect. Might need some volunteers on this one, Shed, Bungle?
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