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Originally Posted by Timvp View Post
Caught this last Sunday and it was way better than An Unexpected Journey. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks the Orcs look a tad better but that isn't saying much. They look too video-gamey i.e. Azog. Smaug on the other hand was EPIC.

Spoiler Below
A lot of people were pissed that it ended the way it did. Some thought it was only 2 movies while others felt it was bullshit to end it in the middle of the action.
Those 2 hours really went by fast.
What were people expecting? An Unexpected Journey ended abruptly and there's an entire third movie to fill. When an audience gets pissed off like that it means they want more which means they will go see the next movie.

It's a little annoying to not get any immediate payoff but when you look at the ending in the context of how the trilogy is playing out, it works.
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Put "2 Fast 2 Furious" in B&W and Se7en thinks he's watching a Bergman film.
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