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Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post
Also... some of the things they point out in Room 237 kind of blow my mind... Next time I watch it I will have my eyes open as widely as possible.
It felt almost a bit horror-ish, watching all these stuff he "incorporated" in the film.
I am not into conspiracy theory shit at all, but this felt different.

Originally Posted by Se7en Sins View Post
I haven't done any real research on anything that was presented in the film that wasn't in the film so maybe I would change my opinion If I actually did some but as it stands I didn't really feel like any of the people's claims held any weight.
I think the producers were researching a lot to backup their (admittedly) mind-boggling theories and those researches were presented in the doc as well. I give them credit to that, otherwise I wouldn't pay attention to it at all, condemning the whole film as hokuspokus from wannabe Kubrick nerds who believe that they unraveled the mystery of his mindset.

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