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Originally Posted by yoxodo View Post
Better be new villains. Seems a little odd to bring back Palpatine or Vader, especially since the Expanded Universe already went in that direction. l'm anxious to discover if these new films will actually recognize those succeeding novels and comics, or rather choose to nullify decades of fiction that has long-since been considered canon. Certainly there will have to be Sith, since lightsaber duels are an integral part of the Star Wars saga. l'm hoping that instead of the two-Sith-at-a-time rule, we are introduced to an entire army of evil force adepts, ready and willing to take on the new Jedi Order.
That would be awesome.

I'm not familiar with the novels and comics. I know that they involve the children of Luke and Leia and we know the casting involves those characters so it'll be interesting to see what story they come up with.

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