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Originally Posted by Ultimate High View Post

Originally Posted by DeathbyIggy View Post
That is one butt ugly jacket....

I cracked up at what Charles Barkley said last night.... the Heat are officially the worst dressed team in the league and that Dwayne Wade is actually Craig Sager's long lost son.
ya, Westbrook, and Durant got Wade beat, I don't care how ugly that jacket is, it cant be worse than those big ass glasses, and those bowties, and backpacks that they wear after games in okc...

Originally Posted by DeathbyIggy View Post
Stay classy Miami.

is that Lloyd Kaufman gettin at Noah?!

Man the media jumped on Golden States bandwagon pretty quickly. Injuries have changed the landscape of this years playoffs, and it's looking like either GS, or the Grizzlies might actually have a shot to come out of the west.

I totally expected that blowout win from the Heat. They should take care of indy no prob, but I still hope it's a good series. The knicks... they'll make it to the eastern finals, but I can't see them getting past the heat, unless they shoot like 60% from the 3, as a team.... Smith's been bad since the suspension, and Anthony has been shooting poorly the entire playoffs, so I don't see that happening.
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