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Originally Posted by travisbickle View Post
IMO, this is easily the best of the modern remakes. It shits all over Evil Dead, Dawn Of The Dead and The Hills Have Eyes.
You know, I was almost ready to say, "Fuck that noise!", but I thought about it a minute and I think you're right.

Dawn of the Dead is still one of my favorite zombie movie of all time (yes, the remake), because it's a lot of fun with a lot of great tense moments. It also defied a lot of people's expectations, changing a lot of people's minds on a wider scale.

Maniac, however, just worked on a different level. It was more than popcorn fun, it was dark, disturbing and stays in your mind for a while. I put it on the level of Martyrs, Kill List and └ L'intÚrieur, where it's a real horror fan's kind of horror movie.
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