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Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post
Texas Chainsaw 3D
First thing that came to mind

Originally Posted by Deadly Fiend View Post
The other films in the TCM franchise didn't have any nudity either...
Felt more like a F13th flick in hindsight. A lot of sexual tension throughout, only to be teased with dick grabs, and convenient right-down-the-middle shirt rips, and bra only makeout sessions...

Lots of slashers don't have nudity, so it's funny that fans recognize that, specifically, as a staple of the sub genre. I just watched Stage Fright the other night, and I don't think that had any, either. I don't think Child's Play had any. The Funhouse. More recently, Laid to Rest. It's been a while since I've seen these, correct me, if I'm wrong.
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