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My thoughts on the draft so far....

WOW! To move up 9 spots to have the 3rd overall pick all the Phins give up aside from swapping 1st's is a 2nd round pick? Jeff Ireland just committed highway robbery here!

Dion Jordan was considered the best pass rusher of the draft, he is going to compliment Wake big time! I hope to see Brady on his ass multiple times in the 2 games we face them this year.

I can't believe Geno Smith fell so far and still got passed up by the Jags to kick off the 2nd round, gut tells me he will be a steal for the Jets oh fuck I feel sick

And what a year a difference makes, Barkley was slated to be in the mix to get drafted as high as Luck and Griffin the 3rd last year but opted back to college and now into the 3rd round 3 QBs taken he is still on the board
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