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"The Impossible"......The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami was one of those events that put our lives into perspective, and the film achieves the same feat. Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts play the parents of three children who decide to spend an exotic Christmas in Thailand. When the inevitable does happen, the following 15 minutes are intense, realistic and terrifying. An onslaught of terrific practical special effects and incredible sound design hits us with an impact. However, after that concentrated outburst, the drama shifts down a gear to a more intimate, personal level, which is no less frightful. Naomi Watts is wonderful as "Maria" and is deserving of her Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Her young co-star Tom Holland(Lucas) is terrific, and along with Watts bring a huge emotional impact to the film. It's about the smaller picture. By focusing on the survival of this one family rather than the scale of the event itself, a better, and more human, representation of the disaster is displayed. However, I do think they should have had more scenes with the Island natives and also there should have been more dead body carnage shown in various spots. We see mother and son treading through water and debris during the aftermath, but hardly see any bodies. If this was done it would have been just a little more intense and heightened the devastation just a tiny bit more. But all in all, this is a powerfull and very well done movie. Full of intense, devastating, dramatic, and gut wrenching scenes!!

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