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"Frogs"....This 1972 classic gothic chiller is an alltime old fave and one I grew up with. This movie used to come on late at night on weekends on the Scream Theatre horror movie marathon. Sam Elliot is absolutely HOT in here. HHmm..what a body. Looks GREAT in jeans (bulge and ass) and shirtless too(the hairy chest/navel). Yummy!! This movie also gives me the creeps at times with all the snakes, tarantulas, lizards, etc! Yuck!! The death scenes are both suspenseful and over the top..which adds wonderfully to the the movie. This is suppose to be an entertaining little horror flick about nature's "revenge" on humans. The cast was relatively strong( some more than others) for the most part and the movie is also filled with alot of handsome men, which I like. Good direction, thrills, good death scenes, creepy atmosphere, and wonderful scenery add nicely to the film. Good stuff!!

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