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My first post here so it might as well be about Evil Dead which I saw Yesterday.

The Film makers hearts were definitely in the right place with this one. However it did just tend to fall short for me to be classed as a remake that is just as good as the original.

First off I'll start with some good points.

1. Eric. The dude was simply awesome, really wish the movie had him as the main character.
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Loved how he just took a hell of a beating and kept going for the most of the movie till he died.

2. Plenty of references to the original, hell I'm sure I didn't even spot them all.

3. Nice practical effects, although some slight CG touch ups here and there didn't spoil it.

4. The cabin and woods were pretty good. They definitely chose the right locations for the movie.

And now for some bad points.

1. Opening scene was pretty pointless I thought.
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Also if she was supposed to be purified by fire then why did he shoot her? Wouldn't she need to be have burned to death to be purified?

2. The whole soul business.
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Not that it was a bad idea, just could have been explained a little better what counted as "feasting on souls" for the abomination to rise.

3. Eric deadite. Expected a lot more from the deadite Eric, he only said one line I can remember?

4. Mia. I just didn't care for the character at all. I thought it would have been more interesting and more emotionally engaging to have Eric as the lead. Could delve in to his character farther and him dealing with what he unleashed and being the cause of his friends dying.

5. The abomination.
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Should really have kept the original idea of it being a freak composite of all the other characters instead of just being a Mia deadite.

That's about it really, I suppose most of my complaints about the movie are just really nit picks or just things I would have liked a little better if done differently.

That said it was enjoyable and a noble attempt at an Evil Dead movie but for me it failed to be up there with the likes of The Fly, The Thing and Dawn of the dead remakes. I guess the reason I loved those remakes is because they each brought something very different and didn't just copy the original.

Maybe another viewing will change my view on the movie, I Guess I was just had high hopes and was expecting too much.
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