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Originally Posted by Rusted View Post
My only real gripe is that every single money shot, except the very last one, is in the red band trailer so there were no surprises when it came to the gore. Speaking of the gore I didn't find this any more violent than the Dawn remake. Yeah it's bloody but nothing I haven't seen before.
All of this.

I saw this last night as it's only just got it's UK release. I have to say I felt the movie fell victim to being severely overhyped, for me. That's not to say it's not a good remake, or a good film on it's own for that matter, but I was slightly underwhelmed leaving the theater. For one, this is not the goriest film to hit theaters like most are suggesting. It's hella bloody, particularly in those last fifteen minutes, but in terms of the nastiness or mutilation/dismemberment factor, it's really no more grotesque than most of the torture porn fare we've had in recent years like Saw or whatever.

Secondly, wasn't much of a fan of the deadites in this one. The make-up was abit lazy, particularly the overtly fake-looking contact lenses, and who let Regan MacNeil on the set in the form of
Spoiler Below
The only one I think was particularly effective was
Spoiler Below
the blonde girl
(yeah, don't know her name... she was that redundant). Also, what movie were the people who said there's much more character development going on here watching? OK, so let's break it down. Aside from Mia and her brother who got the smallest bit of backstory, who the hell else was well developed? The carnage got going very early on and all of the characters for me were very much fodder.

Now, I feel like I should point out some of the film's stronger points. The violence and carnage there is, is very good (whether you saw it in the red band trailer or not). The
Spoiler Below
raining blood and birth of the abomination
scene was easily my favorite part of the movie. The acting was fine, nothing special, but all of the cast did exactly what they needed to and Jane Levy brought her A-game in terms of really immersing herself into the role.

It's well shot, with subtle and sometimes not-too-subtle nods to the original's distinctive style. The special effects for the most part were great, save for some pretty hokey CGI moments. The franchise's element of fun is not totally lost here. Those labelling this a straight-up horror are probably pigeon-holing it a bit. There's lots of silly/campy moments; they're just surrounded by a lot of very gritty and grotesque ones. The audience I was watching with were laughing alot throughout, which must mean something. I appreciated that they tried to make this their own story, as shallow as it was, this is not just a lazy reboot, but rather a reinvention.

All-in-all, it's abit of a mixed bag for me. Most definitely one of the better horror remakes, but when there's a shit-tonne of crappy ones that isn't really much of a compliment. Fun, gory and respectful to it's predecessors in most cases, but not the masterstroke some are making it out to be.

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