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Originally Posted by Jack the Pin View Post
How could this possibly be any good?

I mean, Norman is supposed to be creepy and schizo and his mom is supposed to be dead. It's a modernized version of a gothic tale.

How is a story about some MILF and her son even related to that? iis the mom overbearing and controlling? Is Norman nebbish and neurotic. I suppose the insanity that ended in Psycho had to start some place, but in the present in suburban America under the aegis of a single mom raising her son? Please.

Things are going to have to go all Dexter and Breaking Bad really quick for this series to even have a snowball's chance of sticking around.

Robert Bloch and Alfred Hitchcock must be turning over in their graves.
Give it a go.

They establish Norma as a controlling, domineering mother right from the get go, and Norman is unusual right from the start but they are peeling back the layers with him in each passing episode.
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