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Originally Posted by Robcbh View Post
Agreed, he left a wake of terribleness to every team he ever coaches besides the Giants and Patriots.
are you kidding? he was about the only thing decent the jets have gotten a whiff of since superbowl III (i know, rexie took em to back to back afc championship games, but there is a long time between superbowl III and that). for a few years under parcell's, the jets were compelling, and there were moments in the game against denver that the jets could have turned it their way. and the cowboys, jesus, where would we be without him? no division titles and 3-13 losers with no hope of spitting distance of 8-8. i mean, it's a testament to how good he was in dallas that six years later, the cowboys are still coasting on his fumes. and dolphin fans, what do y'all have to show for anything other than parcell's time there, which netted y'all a division title and some competitive moments?

now, i'm not saying the man is infallible, nor am i saying he is still as good a coach as when he had a supreme asshole like phil simms or coked-up, all-world maniac like lawrence taylor. i'm just saying that parcell's has improved every team he has touched from what it was before he got there, and, in some instances, cleared out the jars with mold on top and left some fresh veggies behind. he's a classic coaching asshole with a good front office mind. i agree that he sometimes relies on older, familiar castoffs, and, y'know, sometimes that works (otis anderson in '90, testaverde in '97, bledsoe for the first half of 2005) and sometimes it don't (testaverde '04, bledsoe '06, eddie george '05). he didn't take jerry's bullshit, i'll tell you that, and for a minute, we were almost a professional organization.

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