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Originally Posted by DudeClassicMan View Post
Danielle Harris sucked big time in the sequel. Not only was the original actress much more natural in the role (as opposed to a total bullshit caricature of disheveled distraught swamp trash) she was also prettier than Harris. I shit you not. I'd even venture to guess Harris must be really high maintenance in real life because she seemed much more suited to playing bitches on wheels in Cyrus and Laid To Rest 2. Matter of fact I found her hotter than hell in the latter. But she’s distractingly miscast as Mary Beth. Not that it matters anyways since Hatchet is nothing more than a modern replacement franchise for Friday the 13th.

As for Victor, well, I hope they did tweak his design however much they needed to so this guy.....

..........didn’t remind me so much of this fucking guy.

From everything that's been said, Crowley's been given a new design. Hodder himself has said it looks more evil, so that alone has me wondering what he'll look like on screen this time.

Hopefully they finally give him a look that they can keep. The first one was okay, the second one was better, the third needs to be like, the final design, or at least something more badass.
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