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This film revolves around Michaela Klingler, who suffers since her childhood epileptic breakdowns, but her situation is getting worse when she begins to hear voices, indicating that an evil entity is taking possession of her.
That movie is the german version of Emily Rose and I must say, I was a bit disappointed. As a noob to the true story behind all this, you don't even know until the end what's exactly going on with her. She hears voices and acts against her own will, but you don't get the feeling, that her situation is much more serious than depicted. It felt that it lacked more background and maybe some CGI hints as well. Documents form her ordeal prove, that her suffering was much more intense and horrid.
On the other side, I liked the sobriety and the washed out look of the movie, it added much to the desperate state Michaela was into.
Bottom line, I prefer Emily Rose over this.


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Dracula (2012)- Dario Argento's version of the classic Bram Stoker novel leaves much to be desired. Its fraught with the same blemishes that have become a staple in Argento's work throughout the years- bad dubbing, bad acting, bad intentions. Now you can add bad CGI to the mix. These effects are below Sci-Fi channel level. And l swear to god, Dracula turns into a giant grasshopper and kills people. l'm not even making that up. I don't think Dario gives a shit anymore...The guy that plays Drac (some Euro-dude l've never heard of) isn't the worst l've ever seen, but hes no Gary Oldman. Rutger Hauer gives a passable performance as Van Helsing, but looks and sounds as if hes reading his lines from cue cards. The best part of the movie: Asia Argento's boobies. 4/10
that sounds like a reason to me to watch it anyway.
Seriously, Argento completely lost it, his glory days are long gone. Does he even know anymore, that he contributed massive legendary input to the genre with his early work? I guess he totally forgot his legacy. Sad fucker.
Asia Argento is one hot little slut, though the display of her tits ain't a reason for me to get into that movie at all.
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