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Dracula (2012)- Dario Argento's version of the classic Bram Stoker novel leaves much to be desired. Its fraught with the same blemishes that have become a staple in Argento's work throughout the years- bad dubbing, bad acting, bad intentions. Now you can add bad CGI to the mix. These effects are below Sci-Fi channel level. And l swear to god, Dracula turns into a giant grasshopper and kills people. l'm not even making that up. I don't think Dario gives a shit anymore...The guy that plays Drac (some Euro-dude l've never heard of) isn't the worst l've ever seen, but hes no Gary Oldman. Rutger Hauer gives a passable performance as Van Helsing, but looks and sounds as if hes reading his lines from cue cards. The best part of the movie: Asia Argento's boobies. 4/10
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