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Originally Posted by oxley View Post
Say WHAT? That fucker better live.
I love seeing them both in anything. They are both Veterans in the acting department. They blow me away each and every time their on screen. They steal every shot their in, in any film.
They do. They are like wine, which is getting better and better with every passing year.
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Originally Posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
Yeah Wasikowska was great in it, got a great future. I'm a Kidman fan myself since she blew me away in dogville, she gets judged way too harshly by people. Plus I like redheads

I would love to get a blowjob sandwich from both of them.
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Originally Posted by Voodoo Doll
I would jizz on you if I were a man. I would jizz on everything if I had a penis for one day. Oh man I bet that feels so good. You guys are so lucky.
Originally Posted by Heretic
Oh hey look! Kitty got claws!
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