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"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"......The movie is amazing. The vividness of the colors, light, and movement is something to behold. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. The acting is light, fun, playful, dramatic, and moving while also managing to stay true to the original story. Martin Freeman is great as the younger version of "Bilbo" and is very believable. The merry band of dwarfs are well played and you somehow get to know each of them by the end of the film. Too many to mention but of course the handsome Richard Armitage(Thorin) and sexy Aidan Turner(Kili) are major standouts. Ian McKellen is luminous as "Gandalf" and Hugo Weaving as "Elrond" is splendid once again. It is great to once again see the characters of Elrond, older Bilbo, Sarumon, Galadriel, and Frodo. The esquisite Cate Blanchett back in the role of "Galadriel" is a delight. She portrays that character full of grace, beauty, and mystery!! The scenes with Galadriel and Gandalf are fantastic and I loved seeing actors Blanchett and McKellen in scenes together. The special effects, art direction, music score, cinematography, and makeup effects are all absolutely great. As for the main story, well, apart from doing a prelude that reprises the role of Frodo and older Bilbo Baggins, it pretty much stays true to the text. Also featured are some great action/battle scenes, fun and campy moments, and some nicely done emotional scenes. This first installment of "The Hobbit" is a gem!! Nominated for 3 Academy Awards(visual effects, production design,and makeup), I think this film deserved at least another 4 nominations and a few wins!!

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