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Originally Posted by Razorghost View Post
So Jake Long is gone..... seemed like yesterday we took him 1st overall, amazing how fast things can change.

I hope Johnathan Martin is up to the task this year at LT.
Going Long/Henne over Matt Ryan is all the proof you need that Parcells lost his touch by the time he got the Dolphins front office gig and that his personal assistant cocksucker Jeff Ireland never had it. Thatís one thing about picking left tackle that high in the draft. If you go ahead and do it, you damn sure better find a worthwhile QB for him to protect within his first contract or itís a wasted pick and a whole lot of wasted money. At least if you pick the top pass rusher in a given draft over a QB or LT, you're getting a self-sufficient piece that will be busting QB's asses for a long time no matter what you surround him with on defense.

Come to think of it, Parcells committed an even worse QB-related sin when he was running the Cowboys show as the bitch-titted geezer passed on Rodgers not once but twice in the '05 Draft because he had Drew ďThe StatueĒ Bleedslow. For a dude that forget more about football than all of us combined will ever know, he sure has lost the ability to know a franchise QB when he sees one.

Parcells has also been a sentimental old coot when itís came to keeping his washed up former players employed with his new teams. This practice looks even worse when you consider his habit of discarding that teamís historically best player the minute he hits town (Emmitt, Jason Taylor.) Now that practice would be fine if Parcells was all in on youth movements wherever he went but like I said he loves recycling his washed up players who are often even worse progress stoppers than that franchiseís long-time stars he ran off because of some wild control freak hair up his ass.

Nothing against Pennington; a very smart player who got the most out of a subpar limited throwing appendage. But like Testaverde and Bledsoe as Cowboys, stubborn old obsolete Bill made an awful habit of wasting a shitload of starts on QBís who were ill-suited to be the present or future of those respective clubs.
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