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Originally Posted by Freddy_Lives View Post
Looks like the Dolphins are interested in changing their Logo have you seen the rough-draft ?

On a side note gotta love Jennings going to the Vikings a big flip off to the packers.

On a side side note he was paid way too much
Eh, I’m thinking a genuine "fuck you" would be more along the lines of Clay Jr., ever jumping ship in-division to chase Rodgers’ ass around twice a season. But an injured soon to be 30-year old receiver jumping ship to a team without a quarterback? File that under “really who gives a flying fuck?” Besides this didn’t work out so well when Bernard Berrian defected from the Bears only five years ago to these very same frozen popsicle idiot dipsticks. And he was younger. Stupid fucking Vikings. Bottom line if Jennings guts the Packers that means they’re still shit enough defensively that he won’t be the only receiver gutting them next season. But worse off for losing him? Reality is recent 2nd rounders Nelson and Cobb made him an outdated item on that offense.

As for the Vikings landing him, it’s basically as meaningless as the Jets landing Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards. High maintenance or washed up players that are kind of useless anyways since you’re still asking Mark Sanchez to actually get them the ball. If all you can manage under center is one of these blow-up doll QB's all the shiny toys in the world (Vikings have two 1st's so they're definitely adding another receiver) won't prop the fraud up enough to make him the same as a real franchise QB.

Of course, no wide receiver acquisition will ever be as stupid as what the Cowboys gave up for Roy Eugene Williams. But now that the asshole is seemingly out of the league for good maybe we can just pretend like he never existed. Fucking GM Jerry. Pathetic.
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