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Originally Posted by The Geek View Post
It's really grown on me since it's release. I think my main two issues with it is the characters aren't as fun or likable as in the first film and Harris' performance wasn't all that (and I thought she was pretty good in both of Zombie's Halloween flicks)

Other than that? A shit load of fun with a great performance from Tony Todd and some great death sequences.
I didn't see it for a while after its release (I think the first time I saw it was in one of your watch parties actually).

I thought it did a good job of expanding on the Crowley character and having some badass death scenes, especially in the second half.

Not sure how this one will be, but the teaser is neat. I've been following the screenwriter and director of the 3rd film on twitter for a while and they seem pretty jacked about it.
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