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Originally Posted by capecep View Post
Yeah, that was a great finish. I always thought the ending suggested they landed on Skull Island.

I'm not a real big sequel fan but...

The Predator series has a limitless amount of possibilities, ridiculous that there's like what, six Leprechauns but only three Predator movies (excluding AVP1+2 - they suck). Need more Predator.

The Mimic franchise should be revived, giant roaches are awesome and are way cooler than leprechauns too.
Yeah a historical Predator movie would be kind of interesting like set during the first or second world war with the old pussy-faces going around and collecting skulls/dog tags and rank patches. It's up to both sides to call an easy tempory truce so that they could take on the alien hunting party.

Maybe you could call it something like Predators - Jeager Giest.

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