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Originally Posted by SlayerX View Post
LOL... demo.

Im playing the full game dude. Was able to pick it up yesterday and there was literally 22 people worldwide playing and half of them were EPIC devs including the community manager. We shot the shit and played for almost 3 hours and I made it to level 35. Im now currently half way through my solo campaign run and its blast. It seems short but the multi is solid. There are plenty of changes that may turn off hardcore Gears fans but Ive adjusted already.

Now you choose only one starting weapon and a pistol. Weapon swap is the Y button, grenades are LB and the TacCom is the Dpad. OverRun is tight and nice alternate for Beast. Im choked at no Horde mode and made it very apparent in my discussion last night. Survival is also a nice alternate but its only 10 rounds and there are no fortifications. Their logic was that having the 50 rounds was pointless as there was less than a 1% completion rate from random Horde matchmaking in G3 and that most games ended before round 20.

There are only 4 gamemodes and 4 maps but there are plenty more in the works and they played well. Its no longer Cog v Locust but rather Blue Cog v Red Cog. Not a change that really matters to me but some may hate it. Theres also no longer DBNO. Another major change from the Gears universe but it is to speed up the gameplay and honestly, it really does. Too many times teams in G3 would DBNO 2-3 members of the opposite team and just leave them there to bleed out. It gave them an unfair man advantage and this can no longer happen. Really competitive teams are going to despise this change but I play for fun in quick match so had no problems with it.

Back to finish the campaign!
Lucky bastard.

I've been playing the demo and I'm extremely impressed by how good Overrun is. Can't wait until Tuesday.

Originally Posted by oxley View Post
Does Tomb Raider get any harder? I'm about to get back onto the Endurance for the spare parts, I think. And I'm doing it on Hard and it's just such a breeze.
No, it doesn't.
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