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Originally Posted by Caustic Coffee View Post

When a book is amazing, the adjectives and comparisons just flow out of you; when it sucks, you have to fight to think of something good to say, because you kind of sound like a dick when you just hammer a book through the whole review. The bad reviews seem like they'd be amusing to go wild on, the way some of us enjoy tearing Rob Zombie apart, but the publications won't accept them if they aren't measured criticisms.
This is so as you say, when you enjoy something, like a book in this case, words, feelings and thoughts are unleashed naturally, like an explosion of sensations difficult to contain. An internal obligation forces you to express what you felt.

When something does not work for you, you have to make an enormous effort to avoid defects and find something worthwhile good to say. When you have to think too much about something, is a sign that is not working, at least not insofar as you thought.
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