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Originally Posted by Rusted View Post
Looks like I've found my next book. This sounds like something I'd enjoy.
I'm eager to hear what you think.

Originally Posted by voodoo_dolly View Post
Have you ever considered a career in writing book reviews?
Ha, thank you.

I actually do write book reviews for Punk Place, Poets and Writers and School Library Journal, just not that often. I'm hoping to be a regular reviewer for Publishers Weekly next fall, fingers crossed.

When a book is amazing, the adjectives and comparisons just flow out of you; when it sucks, you have to fight to think of something good to say, because you kind of sound like a dick when you just hammer a book through the whole review. The bad reviews seem like they'd be amusing to go wild on, the way some of us enjoy tearing Rob Zombie apart, but the publications won't accept them if they aren't measured criticisms.

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