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Originally Posted by Jack the Pin View Post
The Devil All the Time by Donald Ray Pollock

Pollock began writing late in life. He lives in the Ohio back country where poverty, ignorance, and violence are the standard by which people live. His writing is concise, his subject matter macabre, and he has an eerie gift for capturing the strange world of outcasts, deranged and charismatic religious fanatics, and serial murderers. This novel, his first, is about as far away from the current American literary standard of smarmy postmodernism as you can get. He writes with grit, with heart, and with blood. And he doesn't flinch.
Originally Posted by Caustic Coffee View Post
I just finished this about a month ago. This one of the finest books I've ever read, ever. The textured way he describes such a stark, often vicious culture perfectly contrasted the ugliness of the story. Beyond great writing, it was a great plot and a satisfying conclusion. I couldn't wait to read to the end and then I just wanted to read it again.
Looks like I've found my next book. This sounds like something I'd enjoy.

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