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Originally Posted by Ultimate High View Post
Friday > Hills > Thing = Texas > House > Nightmare

Okay, but TCM isn't even half as visceral/kinetic. THHE is a lot more fun, as well.
The TCM redux is well-made, there's no debating that, but outside it's aesthetic, I find it fairly generic. It lacks those extra flourishes(blood, creative kills, high-body count, tits..etc) that elevate both the '13th and Eyes reboots.
TCM '03 is much more visceral, & goes for more of the "less is more" approach when it comes to gore, whereas THHE does not follow that approach. The Hills Have Eyes is truly far more generic, imo. TCM '03 does follow a lot of the cliches, but once again, it manages to be scary & gross. THHE is just gross. Big difference.

And while F13 '09 isn't a remake, I think it's among the better new renditions in horror. The movie actually made Jason into a threat, something he hadn't been since he became a zombie. The reboot is without a doubt one of the best of the series, which is saying a lot considering how terrible the later sequels became.
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