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Die Hard 5
Father visits Russia to get together with his estranged son, but all hell breaks lose when a political prisoner is freed from the courtroom.
The bad reviews are true, this new entry in this franchise is a total turd. No magic Die Hard aura present, no memorable one-liners, just bloodless and lifeless presence by McClane and his seemingly retarded son. Like his son in the film, Willis seemed so damn estranged and absent, he wasn't 100% McClane there. And thus, the whole movie with him.
Plus, no real and intimidating villain from the likes of its three (or four) predecessors, which added hugely to the disapointment.
And the plotholes...don't get me started with this shit. What the hell were they thinking, especially at the showdown within the wrecked and radiated Cernobyl area?! This was the end of the line for me there.
0/10 for the absence of the original Die Hard touch, 4/10 for the (really awesome) car chase scene within Moscow. That shit was really insane.

In the end a bad 4/10. Fuck that shit.
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