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The Living Dead
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Originally Posted by Santa Sangre View Post
I knew there would be Bu˝uel lovers out here.
I put Belle De Jour on my Blu-ray to buy-list, no beforehand-watch needed here. But first I have to check out The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. Un Chien Andalou is the one why the eye-cutting, ain't it?
I'm ashamed that I've waited so long to get into Bu˝uel. I basically need all of his films on Criterion DVD.
Yup its the eye cutting. Belle de jour is worth buying for Catherine Deneuve alone lol . I want to buy his filmography as well but I've spent too much on blu rays the last 2 months. I'll probably wait a long while, hopefully a Bunuel collection will be released or something.

1. Candyman 1992
2. Don't Go in the House 1979
3. The Hills have Eyes 1977
4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 1986
5. The Beyond 1981
6. Frankenstein 1931
7. Darkplace "Once upon a Beginning"
8. Long Weekend 1978
9. In Fear 2013
10. Nightmare 1981
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