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Yesterdays Criterion Hulu-extravaganza brought some very fine classics to my attention.

The Seventh Seal (1957)
Bergman's reckoning and theses with religious beliefs and the dealing with life and death in general is one great film and an instant classic. You recognize that on first sight, everything is set just fine in this masterpiece. Many questions which were raised on being human delve deep into philosophical and metaphorical territory and often hard to understand in the first place. It definitely gives you a lot to think of afterwards.
Bergman never disappoints, though his movies are often difficult to approach at.


The Exterminating Angel (1962)
A bunch of well-off citizens gather on a get-together. Shortly afterwards the group is inexplicably unable to leave the building, creating a melting pot of highly explosive emotions, once the ordeal goes on and on.
This was very fun to watch at until the very end, keeping myself guessing why those dumbasses just didn't step through the door and leave. But that's exactly the twist. In Criterion's words: this film is full of eerie, comic absurdity, furthers Bu˝uel’s wicked takedown of the rituals and dependencies of the frivolous upper classes.
My first Bu˝uel movie and certainly not my last. I might add, gorgeous cinematography as obviously usual in his films.


Viridiana (1961)
A nun is called by her uncle to visit him at his mansion. Because of her stunning resemblance to his deceased wife she soon is confronted with advances from the lecherous man and in conflict with her principles, even after a tragic event, which become her a visiting nurse to beggars.
Another fine Bu˝uel movie with the beautiful Silvia Pinal as the leading actress and filled with many allegories and outrageous moments of comedy, again including fine cinematography. This film was banned in Spain after its release, causing outrage in the Vatican and among the catholic population in Spain. Many negatives were destroyed, but one find its way to Paris, where it was preserved.
Highly recommended, if you are a sucker for allegoric arthouse and early b/w classics.

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