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Originally Posted by Justin_Voorhees View Post
... the ending was up there with signs as being downright stupid.
Originally Posted by Renacimiento View Post
~ The other hurdle for me, is the end, definitely meant a low blow. The child and the entire family survived, by the way, it seems that the aliens lost a piece of the world map, by not attacking that area.
Spoilers ahead.

Other than the ending and the Robbins scene, I thought the movie was well executed. But that's like saying, other than the taste and texture, the dish is pretty good.

For the son to have run off toward the battle, then survived at the end, along with the entire neighborhood, made me feel let down. If the son had to be sacrificed to save the daughter, the movie would have been somewhat redeemed, since most people would've lost someone. If the farmhouse scene didn't happen and they had ended the movie at some random location, like his ruined former home and met the biological mom for tears and consolations, I think I could've lived with it.

The fact that the technologically advanced aliens died of germs made me throw my popcorn bag at the screen. Climaxes that fall apart that badly negate any of the tension the movie may have built.
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