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Originally Posted by Justin_Voorhees View Post
Don't you think you're being a little harsh? I mean if it were one or two reviewers I could see your point but when it's all of them...
Why can't I expect Bioshock? For a game that I originally saw announced in a ps2 magazine back in 2002 it had better be far superior to Bioshock. Just because it has ALIENS on it doesn't mean a hardcore Alien fan should just take it as it is.
Will I get it, eventually yes but not until the price has dropped considerably. I don't have the time or money to be wasting on half assed games.
Name one game that has had a very long, troubled development history and t=has come out with critical acclaim?

And am I being harsh? Fuck no, not harsh enough. Their parasites.
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You are a sadistic, volatile and all over out of control internet cruise missile, that's what you are, Oxley.
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Do you have American animals in your Zoo's? Like Bears, Elephants and Giraffes?
My little idiot..
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