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Originally Posted by Mr. Bill View Post
Star Wars Battlefront
Originally Posted by yoxodo View Post
Heading out the door right now to get Aliens: Colonial Marines. Giggity giggity.

Originally Posted by Justin_Voorhees View Post
For a mode and maps that should already be included in the game. Plus there are 3 more "dlc" packs as well. I hope more of these greedy game companies go out of business.

Lol and it looks like the game is getting terrible reviews. I'll pick it up a month from now when it's in the $5 dollar bargain bin lol.

Why do people feed reviewers? Everyone has different tastes. I can stand people who review shit, be it films or games or whatever. They nit pick and bitch about every fucking thing, pack of fucking wankers. I hope they have a severe car crash and take out a family of innocents, just for being cunt rags.

The game is loads of fun, and any hardcore ALien fan is surely to be happy. Just don't expect something that looks and plays like BioShock, it has a GREAT arcade feel that I love.

Originally Posted by Mr. Bill View Post
That game looks awesome, I'm tempted to buy a new system so I can play it, I still rock the PS2
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You are a sadistic, volatile and all over out of control internet cruise missile, that's what you are, Oxley.
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Do you have American animals in your Zoo's? Like Bears, Elephants and Giraffes?
My little idiot..
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