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Originally Posted by SeanBrown View Post
I still have yet to see this film, but I want to get a group a friends together to see how fucked up it is. We really enjoy doing that

I've heard three things about it; It's either so ridiculous and over-the-top that it's ridiculous, that It's the most shocking film of alll time, or that It's just boring.
Like Heretic said, it ain't boring but it isn't the holy grail of shock cinema either. Many fell for it, but on swcond sight, when you dig deeper, you discover its flimsiness and superficiality.

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
It is what it is. It's certainly not boring, I can tell you that. As far as it being considered this profound commentary on Serbian culture goes,.....meh. I don't buy it. Especially when people who have no idea about Serbian culture, try to defend the grotesque nature of the film as such.

"The baby rape scene, is like the social commentary on the raping of a nation man!......Pass the bong, yo!"
The question rellay is, who got raped in the first place. Certainly not the serbian people, because a huge portion was/is just downright nationalistic. They weren't misleaded like the Germans by Hitler or so, many did support the war and wished Croatia being wiped off the map.
The film is just a lame excuse in jusitfying its content by some sort of political background, the "rape" and the deceit of a whole nation.
Now for that, pass me the bong now, pls.
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