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Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
John Carpenter's Halloween
Friday the 13th Part II
A Nightmare On Elm Street
Black Christmas
My Bloody Valentine

Just to name a few. And I know some may be wondering why I put F13th part 2 instead of the original. Well, to be honest, looking at the original from both a film-making & fan perspective, it's pretty crappy, & hasn't held up well, whereas part II is everything the original wasn't: suspenseful, had a great villain, definitively establishes who the main character is, has likable characters, etc.

I couldn't ever put the original on a "best [anything]" list because it's very poorly done. It's supposed to be a "whodunit" mystery but eliminates all of the suspects at the very beginning by having everyone in one place while the killer watches, & the film doesn't even bother to at least show Pamela once, she's just thrown in at the end. The "final chase" or fight or whatever looks awful, & poorly staged.

I've always felt that part II deserves much more praise than the original but hey, that's just me.
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