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Originally Posted by Myerszilla View Post
Very doubtful. Warner Bros. isn't stupid. Yes, the Joker is a money maker & a large cash cow, but they're not just going to throw him into the forefront without building up hype, even if it is a reboot.
Maybe not in the first film, but definitely the second or third.

Originally Posted by Myerszilla View Post
But how can you add to a legacy & mythology if it's the same thing over & over with subtle differences? You have to be willing to push past the boundaries that have already been set. We've already gotten six films with Michael chasing Laurie Strode, & eight films focused on him hunting down family.
Here's the thing. Halloween can't be improved. The original is arguably the best horror film of all time and no combination of elements could improve or better it.

I'v said it once and I'll say it again. Leave it alone.

Originally Posted by Myerszilla View Post
I don't see the problem with keeping Michael & Loomis, but ditching the family story angle & introducing new characters. That sounds far better than rehashing the same stories. There are even comic books with stories revolving around Michael targeting other people besides family members, & they work magnificently.
Making a good comic and making a good movie are entirely different things.

Look at the last TCM. I haven't seen it but it seems to be unanimously hated by everyone. There is no reason to keep making these movies.

Originally Posted by Myerszilla View Post
The beautiful thing the original got right & that the sequels and thousands of other horror films failed to do is be inventive. Carpenter was able to perfectly use his influences from films like Psycho while being innovative, he did something new that hadn't been seen before. I want that to happen more, I want film-makers to actually create something new that can stand in it's own template, not keep remaking & reusing the same tired stories.
But that's not going to happen. We should be encouraging original film ideas, not sequels/remakes of 30-40 year old movies. How can you expect another masterpiece of a film that was executed perfectly three decades ago?

Originally Posted by Myerszilla View Post
That makes no sense. The character doesn't have to be Laurie Strode for you to find her likable or care about her. That in itself falls down to good writing, & having a decent director at the helm of the project who can get the best out of the actors.
I didn't say it had to be her, I said it doesn't take a skilled filmmaker to make me care about Laurie since I already did going into the movie.

Originally Posted by Myerszilla View Post
Zombie's H2 offered something new & fresh for the series, but because it's Rob Zombie, some people still try to nitpick & bitch at it. I want more of that, though. With these long running franchises, especially one such as this that has 10 movies under it's belt, you can't expect audiences to keep spending money to see the same shit.
You seem to think new & fresh automatically = good.

I'm for new and original shit, but if it's not executed properly (Which H2 obviously wasn't.) it's meaningless.
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